Jett Tech Jetski Racks Story

Jett Tech Jetski Racks Story

The dream of many surfers is to jump off a boat or ski or bunka into perfect uncrowded surf.

Indonesia, Fiji or any idyllic location the idea of finding empty waves and jumping off the boat into perfect waves is a lure for surfers.

Jetski's are a way to get that feeling in your local waters. In Queensland you need a boat license, a jetski license, a registered ski, a registered trailer, a tow bar, safety equipment, a good anchor and a secure place to put them. Visit your local boatramp to see the gear people use. You definitely need to learn a few knots and how to backup a trailer.

Once you have the essentials mustered the other must have is a set of racks to place your boards on the ski. They make the trip more comfortable and protect your boards. Jett Tech Jetski Racks

Jett Tech Jetski Racks

If you could imagine the best way to transport your boards on a jetski it is going to be the design used by Jett Tech.

Made from solid materials yet surprisingly flexible to handle the bounce, these racks are great for your ski. They fit every major ski brand.

Eventually you will roll your ski or have some sort of mishap. If you haven't, you aren't trying hard enough. A motorbike on water, driven by a relative novice, things are going to happen.

I have rolled my ski with the racks on (no boards) and the racks were the least of my worries. Best to have some sort of emergency procedure in place. Trying to get a ski back to life with waves breaking on you is not fun.

  • Designed to carry surfboards, wakeboards, kneeboards, wake skates, and all other types of boards.
  • This rack system fits two boards comfortably and will hold strong even on those big Wednesdays.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • No modifications required to your Jet Ski.
  • Simply clamps on securely in seconds.
  • Universal fit for all makes and models of Jet Ski's.
  • Worldwide shipping

Another Gold Coast company innovation.

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