The Ghost Racks Story

The Ghost Racks Story

Ghost Racks was born when Shane Atkins bought a vintage 1980's Mark Richards twin fin. Knowing this board deserved pride of place Shane collaborated with Darren Barnes, a fellow surfer and local Sunshine Coast plastics fabricator, to expertly design and craft some clear acrylic racks.

The brief was simple - these racks needed to be reliable, well designed and unobtrusive. It was never about the racks, it was about what they are displaying.

Validation from the National Surfing Museum of Australia and professional surfers Jamie O'Brien, Mark Richards, Rob Machado and Gary 'Kong' Elkerton - solidified their position in the market as the premium display rack of choice.

I definitely found it super easy using Ghost Racks, you can adjust sizes, change out boards, they make the system easy and user friendly and since I put these boards in I haven’t taken them out. I'm just so happy with the whole display and how everything looks, I would never change it.

Jamie O'Brien

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