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The creator of this site is longtime web developer

SEO is a very effective way of advertising your business. Our approach uses our 20+ years of web development to your advantage

  • We do the work ourselves (no outsourcing)
  • Anticipate and evolve with Web Development and SEO changes
  • Enjoy working with businesses to improve their profitability

This site is dedicated to helping surfers buy and sell new or second hand surfboards for "FREE".

The site started with 3 Gold Coast surfers looking for a place to sell their boards for free.
Flick Your Stick site will always remain free to sell surfboards.

We enjoy promoting the skills of local shapers.

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Call Phil on 07 55320651 for help or requesting a new region to be added.

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send (SMS) your name + suburb + email + board details to Phil 0423 926 852
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