Going Vertical

Going Vertical

Going Vertical - techniques for surfing better.

The earlier you look at the lip the more time you have got.

As soon as you pick the line of your bottom turn you have to get low off the bottom, come as far out as you can as fast as you can and come straight off the bottom and hit the lip.

Joel Parknson Eying Lip Setup Bottom Turn

Joel Parknson Hard Off The Bottom

Joel Parknson Getting Vertical

Joel Parknson Recovery

Some of the best boards these days are ones where the fins don't grab until really late.

Guaranteed some part of your board is going to come off the back of the wave, the lip will really let you decide that when you get there.

You need to come out with a little bit of speed - enough to get something out of the next turn.

Sometimes the fins drift too far or you end up loosing all of your speed.

Don't cut it too short

Sometimes you don't get out in front of the wave enough and only get the board to 10 oclock.

1. Take as much room at the bottom of the wave as needed... this will help you setup to go vertical.

2. When going vertical, practise on softer sections...then move into the steeper sections as you gain control. If it is really steep your chances of falling or catching an edge is really high.

Joel Parknson Recovery

Going Vertical on your wall

Ghost racks have a special vertical surfboard rack that looks great on your wall. These specially made racks are virtually invisible. Like the power of a great bottom turn.

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