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Uploading Photos

You can upload any photo (JPG) from a camera or mobile phone.
Actually you do not even need a photo to put your board on this site - however it is recommended.
There is no need to resize the photo or do any editing to the photo however you may choose to do so to get the best image you can.

Photos are resized automatically to 900 (width) 1200 (height) hence if you are familiar with a graphics program like Photoshop you may choose to update your photo and save as a JPG at this size to get the best results.

New now upload multiple images of your board.

Future Developments

This is a site designed to make it easy for an indiviual, shaper or surfshop to put surfboards online for sale.

Even without 1000's of board on this site you will benefit immediately by having your board on this site-:

  • Fast loading site and easy editiing of your details
  • Easy for Google searchers to find your board
  • Create your own brand and have your own section (coming soon)
  • Designed by surfers for surfers
  • It can only get better as we adjust the site to feedback