How do the worlds best pop-up?

How do the worlds best pop-up?

There are some subtle differences in how these surfers pop-up - get to their feet.
Watch how their leading leg comes forward.

There are some Yoga poses that can help here. (see below)

Yoga can help your pop-up

Sun Salutation

A Yoga sequence Sun Salutation can be quite helpful for surfers wanting to improve their pop-up. Nubia who teaches at Pure Yoga Gold Coast Yoga Studio explains the benefits of using your core to lift your feet, as highlighted in the image above. It is important to maintain the integrity of the pose as you lift your leading foot forward. Notice in the video how surfers like John-John lift their knee close to their chest.

Key Points

  • Keep your eyes focussed on the wave
  • Use your core to lift your leg close to your chest

When lifting your leg forward maintain your core and lift it close to your chest.

Nubia De Morais

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